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Give your love whatever shape you want.

Pride - Arcigay - Love - LGBTQIA+

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Our motto has always been Shape Your Way. Likewise, we always believed in the right everyone has to Shape their love. That’s exactly the spirit we had launching this no-profit initiative tied to this theme, with the goal to donate funds to Antinoo Arcigay Napoli, in particular to the Casa delle Culture e dell’Accoglienza delle persone LGBTQIA+.

The artwork chosen for this occasion is based on the flag known as the Progressive Pride Flag, by Daniel Quasar, a variation of the rainbow flag originally created in 1978 by Gilbert Baker. This flag was realized to comprehend, aside from the classic colors, the white-pink-light blue of the trans flag and the black-brown of the african american community.

The Progressive Pride Flag is actually one of the more seen and used flags during Pride and LGBTQIA+ events, because of its increased reach in terms of inclusivity. Brought on T-shirt, shapes and colors merge in an artwork so Blowhammer we actually asked ourselves why we didn’t come up with it earlier.

The proceeds from every single #ShapeYourLove T-shirt sold contributed directly to the Casa delle Culture e dell’Accoglienza delle persone LGBTQIA+. We’re talking about the first structure of its kind in the whole south of Italy, a place of shelter and protection for marginalized people, victims of violence or in condition of economic distress. This house is co-managed by Antinoo Arcigay Napoli: we wanted to work with them to have a direct approach to the situation, we wanted to hear about the importance of this place and this initiative from the people who deal with it everyday on the front line.

Shape your love T-Shirt


Our support towards the LGBTQIA+ has to be lasting and consistent. Not only that: we want you to be on the front line of the next Blowhammer project tied to Shape Your Love. Are you an artist? Do you feel like these themes are particularly close to you and your sensibility? Make yourself be heard, send us your favourite works, and you could join us in our new initiative.


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